"And she loved a little boy very much, even more than she loved herself."

Shel Silverstein

What's on the agenda for today? You better believe that it's some good 'ole American baseball, but of course that's after the morning mom duties, daily duties at work and well then we get some baseball. All of my boys are playing baseball right now. Let me take some time to introduce you to them. Tristan, is in 3rd grade and is playing his first year of kid pitch this year. Trace, is in kindergarten and is playing coach pitch. Trenton (goes by Woodrow) is in Pre-K and is playing t-ball.

You want to know what's so funny about all of my boys playing baseball? It's the fact that I know absolutely nothing about the game. I know, I know...how dare I? Well growing up I never did anything with baseball or softball. I grew up in a cul-de-sac and we played street hockey, basketball, rode our bikes ect. but never picked up a ball to throw it. I did ballet and Baile Folklorico until I was about 10. Then I got into track and volleyball. I was never super great at basketball, I didn't like other people in my space. When I did play basketball my job was to run up and down the court and play defense. My dad who was a police officer, played in a baseball league for a few years but I don't really remember much of that. So now I sit at the games and try to listen to others when they make comments about what the kids should or shouldn't do when they are playing. I luckily have my husband who played pretty much his whole life to bridge that gap that I've got. Even though I may not know much about the game, I absolutely enjoy going to every practice and game to see how much my boys are improving. Not only are they improving physically , but socially and emotionally too. Oh yea, I am a teacher by the way...this is my 11th year being in the education world. Not only am I just a teacher, I am a special education teacher. I'll talk more about that on another post.

So going back to the game. The good 'ole game of baseball. Tristan is playing on the White Sox team this year and is number 4. He is my lefty, or as others say "southpaw". Tristan has red hair and freckles galore (we call those angel kisses in my house). He really has a passion for the game and puts in the time and effort to try and get better. This season has has played outfield quite a bit and has pitched some here and there. I absolutely love getting shots of him on the mound because it's like a dance when he goes through the movements. Tristan takes the time to listen to his dad and his Pops when they are working with him. Tristan is so blessed to have so many around him that know the game as well as they do.

Now, let's chat about Trace. Oh my sweet Trace, he is a pistol, just like his daddy. Trace makes me laugh probably the most out of all my boys bc he can be quite savage and will tell you like it is. Trace is on the Red Sox this season and is number 10. Trace started out the season going to practices and was super excited about playing. His coaches placed him on first base the first few practices so he was getting a lot of action. Trace does great when he has something to do. Fast forward to a few days before his first game and we've got a broken collar bone. He still went to practice and all his games so support his teammates even through he wasn't able to play. It took about six weeks for his collar bone to heal. He has been able to play for a few weeks now. The last few games he has been in the outfield, which if you've never been to a coach pitch game, there isn't much action in outfield. So, you guessed it, there's a lot of spinning around in one spot, kicking the dirt, picking the grass and talking to the other players. Trace is my kiddo that needs to have something to do or he will find something to do. God bless his teachers haha, he is a smart boy, so they all better make sure to keep him busy.

Trenton Woodrow, ole' Woody wood pecker. He was names after Woodrow in Lonesome Dove...and yes, he does have a cousin named Augustus. So yea, we are a pretty cool family! Woodrow is playing for the Marlins this year. He is in t-ball and is also number 10 (I got to pick his number and Trace's, it was my favorite number when I played volleyball in high school. Funny enough it was Taos's baseball number in high school too). Woodrow is my bull. He goes full force with everything that he does. He absolutely loves anything with sports and always gives 150%...unless I make him upset by having him wear someone else's batting helmet. Whoops! So the kid may be a bull but he tends to move like a sloth when getting ready in the morning or getting his baseball gear on, which caused an upset when I just grabbed another kiddos helmet and put it on him to go bat. He loves to play on the pitchers mound because he wants to get the most action from when the other kids hit. Taos and I are working on teaching him that other kids on his team need to get practice being on the pitchers mound too. He isn't super fond of that but he is coming around to it. Woodrow's loves going to practice and looks forward to it every week. He would wear his jersey everyday if he could.

Practices and games have been the main course of our lives the last few months. We have a few weeks left and by then we will have gone to 47 games! I wouldn't want it any other way. I am determined to learn this game!